‘Revelations of Divine Love’ (from Bracket: A New Generation in Fiction)

“In Annie Kirby’s ‘Revelations of divine love’ the Welsh landscape and the mythological intensity of youth combine like a wave breaking.”  (Excerpted from a review of Bracket: A New Generation in Fiction by Mslexia. Read the full review here.)

“A banal encounter outside Tesco Metro takes the narrator of Annie Kirby’s ‘Revelations of Divine Love’ back to a crossroads in her adolescence, a crossroads that is actually a confluence of two rivers. Kirby describes sublime moments with careful precision and evokes the brooding power of buried trauma.” (Excerpted from a review of Bracket: A New Generation in Fiction by Nicholas Royle in Time Out. Read the full review here.)

Other reviews of Bracket which have nice mentions of Revelations of Divine Love’ appeared in Erasing Clouds and Metapsychology Online Reviews.

‘The Wing’ (from Don’t Know A Good Thing)

Not a review as such, but a very perceptive (and kind) analysis of the story by Louise McGregor on her blog Write Start.