Short stories

Orchid, Cherry-Blossom is the story of Lan Jonsson, a Vietnamese-American woman who discovers her image in a book of photographs. This story was published in Concertina: UEA Creative Writing Anthology, Pen and Inc. Press. It was also adapted for broadcast on Radio 4, as part of their ‘Writers to Watch’ series, read by Pik Sen Lim. Follow this link, to read this story.

Revelations of Divine Love was published in Bracket: A New Generation in Fiction, ed, Ra Page, Comma Press. Set in the Welsh Valleys in the 1980s, it tells the story of Teleri, a teenage shoplifter, and Maggie, a strange and troubled misfit who speaks of visions of Christ and demands to be called Julian. Over the course of a summer, the two girls find solace in their friendship, but darkness is never far away.

The Wing won the Asham Award and was published in Don’t Know A Good Thing: The Asham Award Short Story Collection, ed. Kate Pullinger,  Bloomsbury.  Eating ice-cream in Mazzini’s barbershop-ice cream parlour, Nina Hägerstrand recounts her dream that something black fell over the school, “like a big, black wing,” to her best friend’s mother, Lena Mazzini.  Nina’s dream is prophetic and, narrated by Lena, the unfolding story is about destruction, dreams, lies, hope and different kinds of heroism as the heart is torn out of a community by a single tragic event.“The Wing” has been recorded by actress Kate Harper and is available to download as an audiostory from the Spoken Ink website.

Xenopus: Rose-Tinted is published in Bio-Punk: Stories from the Far Side of Research, ed. Ra Page, Comma Press. This story explores the ethics of biomedical research via genetically modified frog sperm, Chopin’s Nocturne in C sharp minor and the aurora borealis.