Songs of the Archipelago – a summary

The working title of my novel in progress is Songs of the Archipelago.

Jenna Webster, a marine biologist, returns to the remote archipelago of her childhood out of a sense of duty when her estranged mother, Rebecca Fernandes, a famous gothic novelist, goes missing. Jenna moves into her mother’s cottage on the desolate island of Trevaline Sings, meets her mother’s enigmatic cross-dressing friend Louis, rescues some stranded whales and dreams about seals singing. Recovering more repressed memories the longer she stays on the islands and the better she gets to know Louis, Jenna discovers an unpublished manuscript written by Rebecca. The manuscript, entitled Songs of the Archipelago written by Rebecca for Jenna, is part confession, part letter and, perhaps, part fiction. It contains a transcription of the journal of Jenna’s ancestor, Maria Fernandes,  which in turn tells the story of Maria’s parents, Arturo and Trevaline and Maria’s own terrible crimes. Songs of the Archipelago is about fate, the fallibility of memories and the tidal pull of family history, with a little bit of magic thrown in.

Follow this link to read a short excerpt from Songs of the Archipelago.

© Annie Kirby (2012)

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