Christine Lawrence @ Portsmouth Bookfest 20×12

I am now the proud owner of a signed copy of Caught in the Web by local author Christine Lawrence. Christine read an excerpt from her first novel at Southsea Library today as part of the Portsmouth Bookfest 20×12, a series of free readings by local authors.

Christine was an engaging reader, drawing the audience in[to the web!] with an energetic performance that gripped the attention of a few passers-by who ended up staying to watch. In keeping with the theme of her book, which deals with the incarceration of unmarried pregnant women in mental institutions, Christine created an atmosphere of claustrophobia and confinement, not only with her words, but also with her clever use of confined space and movement throughout the reading.

A great start to 20×12!

You can find out more about Christine at her blog:


Christine used space and movement to create a claustrophobic atmosphere

Book signing after the reading